Strl® AIR™

A revolutionary product designed to kill harmful pathogens and maintain germ-free zones without the burden of lakhs into capital investments.

Some say COVID may never be gone. But worry not, Strl® AIR™ has your back.

Strl air shield asset

Versatile. Portable. Easy.

Just plug-in, turn-on and go germ free.

Strl AIR™ can run 24X7 without needing any inputs or intenvention. Infection control was hard, but not anymore.

  • 9000+
    Hours of non-stop continuous disinfection. Up to 14 months when used 24/7.
  • Zero
    Maintenance needed during operating window of 9000 hours
  • 24/7
    Continuous Operation to ensure real-time protection against diseases such as COVID-19

Proven Efficacy

Strl AIR™ has proved to be effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses and spores in both Simulated and Field Tests.

  • 30 mins.

    Strl AIR™ can disinfect a room and render it sterile in 30 minutes as observed in field tests*

  • ~ 30 db

    Effective noise levels are barely audible. This is a completely low noise machine constantly working to keep you safe while you go on with your day

  • 99.9% kill rate

    Proven efficacy in germicidal and virucidal operations. Supremely effective against spores and fungi too. 

How it works


Air enters into the photon chamber where it is exposed to ions generated by the Photo Catalytic Oxidation(PCO) process.

These ions have potent germicidal and virucidal properties which instantly turn virus and bacteria inert. This process is illustrated in the video 👉

Strl AIR is applicable at any indoor space

  • Operating Theatre

    Hospitals and Healthcare

    Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centres, PHC's, and other Healthcare Facilities.

    • As per the data given by WHO, hospital patients suffer from infectious complications acquired in hospitals.
    • Our system protects patients from developing secondary infections that arise from the bacteria in hospitals.
    • It also minimizes the chance of visitors developing infections from the hospital environment. 
  • Office Spaces

    Indoor Work Spaces

    Commercial office spaces, Warehouses, IT Campuses, Factories and Government Offices

    • Workspaces have many common areas and touchpoints and like desktops, keyboards, door handles/knobs, switches, pantry, and washrooms which may be contaminated by microbes.
    • Airborne microbes are a major cause of respiratory ailments in humans, allergies.
    • Our system provides a safe environment by actively killing the pathogens and sterilizing the air and surface and thereby increases productivity.
  • School

    Indoor Community Spaces

    Homes, Restaurants, Fitness Centres, Movie Theatres, Convention Halls, Schools & Colleges

    • Risk of transmission of infections is high in public and private community spaces because of close proximity of people.
    • Our System controls the spread of contamination and thereby maintains the reputation of the institutions and businesses in the market

Tried and tested!

  • Product has been subjected to stringent testing
  • Successfully tested at over 185 hospitals
  • Consistently proven to generate a sterile zone
  • Successful in disinfecting both in field and simulation Tests

Validated at some of the most reputed institutions in India

The technology used in Strl Air™ has been subjected to stringent testing and validation before getting certified.

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Device frame

Testimonials and endorsements from leading Doctors

You Ask — We Tell

Most important questions (and often the most common 🤔 )

  • How does the sterilizer work?

    The use of Photocatalyst: Powerful oxidizer Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) material is impregnated on inner cells of the photon gun. Supported by UV-C radiation, it provides the highest germicidal effectiveness. Further this plasma effectively works on deodorizing application where the hydroxyl radicals accelerates the break down of any volatile organic compounds or VCO’s by destroying their molecular bonds. 

    The PHOTON GUN releases NEGATIVE IONS in to the air, purifying the surroundings and promoting good health. Negative ions are electrically charged particles that affect our physical and mental well-being. They attach themselves to pollutants in the air, returning them to the ground so the air we breathe is CLEANER.

  • What happens to the bacteria that is annihilated?

    The plasma generated effectively works on sterilizing, not only to kill bacteria cells but also decompose the cell itself and has been found to be more effective than any other antibacterial agent, because the photocatalytic reaction works even through when there are cells covering the surface and while the bacteria are actively propagating. 

    The end toxin produced due to the death of the cell is also decomposed by photo catalytic action.

  • Is it harmful towards humans and pets?

    This Nanotechnology has been perfected through intensive Research for over a decade. Our product is based on Nanomaterials which are now part of daily lives. However, the only thing coming out of the sterilizer is air with Negative Ions, which are good for human beings.

    However, it is important to know that the UV LAMP which is specially manufactured for performing GERMICIDAL activity, having ability to oxidize with deterrent, set to UV-C Band energy exposure. Most of the BACTERIAS, VIRUS, airborne particulates like DUST, SEA SALTS, TOBACCO SMOKE, INDUSTRIAL AND AUTOMOBILE POLLUTION is totally annihilated which effectively takes care of your concerns for control of Infections .

    Further it is been proven that Strl Air™ could be a potent savior from, VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCs).

Turn your space germ-free now!

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