Nanoparticles + TiO2 + UV-C → 💥🦠

Strl's proprietary BioSterile™ technology uses Nanoparticles and PCO to generate Ions that kill disease causing bacteria, viruses and fungi 🦠.  

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How It Works

  • 1

    Air activator

    The BioSterilizer unit has an air activator which pulls in a predetermined amount of air into the chamber

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    Photon chamber

    The chamber consists of a breakthrough nanoparticle based PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) material and TiO2 strongly bonded to the wall.

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    Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)

    The powerful UV ray gun present inside generates UV rays radiating energy onto the PCO. This impact causes secondary emission facilitating plasma flow.

    Strl AIR Photocatalytic Oxidation
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    Ions are generated!

    The plasma has negative ions. These are all powerful oxidants which annihilate microbes.

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    Ions are released into the area making the area sterile!

    Biosterilizer kills microbes, releases germ-free air with trillions of ions further sterilizing the room. Ions knock down particles in air and also break down VOCs thus eliminating them!

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Proven Technology

The efficacy of Photocatalytic Oxidation catalyzed by Nanometals against pathogens is well documented. We have observed complete inactivation of Bacteria, Spores and Viruses during our simulation and field tests

  • 99.99% killrate

    We have observed ~99.99% inactivation rate of pathogens vs Control samples during testing

  • 60% savings

    PCO based space sterilziers can yeild upto 60% reduction in cost savings vs traditional disinfection systems 

  • 9000+ hours

    There are no filters in PCO to run making them virutally maintenance free - do not need maintenance for up to 9000 hours!